Pricing for Custom Make-up Application by MeLissa

Model Face & Body Work (Also known as Bridal Application- 1.5 hours application time, includes body perfecting & lashes): $150

Designer Face (1 hour application time, includes lashes): $100

Male Model Face (30 mins application time): $50

Child Model Face (Up to 30 mins application time): $50

On set post initial application fee rate for touch-ups or look changes: $50 an hour

Travel Fee: Rate varies upon distance, time and any fees incurred per trip. Will be designated before destination day and upon booking. 

Bridal Package: Those who choose to book MeLissa for their dream wedding will enjoy several perks. Verbal consultation is complimentary, in studio trial runs cost $75, out of studio trials will include a travel fee. Once the special date is booked, prices are as follows:

Bridal Application: $150

Bridal Wedding Party Face, 1 to 2 faces: $100

Bridal Wedding Party Face 3 or more faces: $75

Bridal Additional Applications for Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties or wedding-related events leading up to the big day receive the special discounted rate of $75 per application in studio, a la carte. (Applications that require travel will incur the appropriate travel fee.) This special rate is extended to pre-booked brides-to-be working with MeLissa to help them maintain a designer face for all big events leading up to the wedding day. MeLissa will work with her bride to achieve an array of signature commercial looks per event in order to differentiate them from the big day debut.

Why should you choose MeLissa?

The only reason someone would pay another person to apply their make-up is because they want to look like a million bucks, all night long. If you’re not going to look like Cinderella and if the make-up is going to malfunction before the stroke of midnight then what is the point? MeLissa uses top of the line products, is an expert in the field of make-up application and employs all tricks of the trade to ensure her clients will look amazing all day and night long without worrying about touch-ups. She knows what translates well both on camera and to the naked eye. In her chair you can relax and know that everything prep-wise is going to go great.

So we’ve established she knows how to apply make-up like a fairy God mother. Another reason you want MeLissa is because she is reliable and seasoned. You will not be her first bride, first model, first actor, first anything other than you, which is exciting and wonderful, but you will not be a guinea pig. MeLissa is no stranger to the strict time constraints, pressures and algo-rhythms of the wedding preparation, wedding day, modeling shoot, television show, runway. With this understanding comes wisdom and skills in preparation, networking and scheduling MeLissa takes care of by working with you and the other professionals on your team to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Last but not least, you should choose her because she is genuine and really cares about her clients. The way you look and feel is top priority to her. MeLissa partners with her clients to achieve success and is more picky about the way you look than you are, and the results speak for themselves. MeLissa’s business is referral-based, satisfied clients are the cornerstone of her company and she has a ton of them. Call MeLissa today and you’ll see for yourself that it will be the start of a beautiful friendship.