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Hailing from Mineral Wells, TX, MeLissa graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Broadcast Communications. A creative artist with an affinity for drawing faces, MeLissa’s passion for cosmetics began early, though it was make-up mishaps she noticed in 1990’s photography that spurred most her curiosity. MeLissa began studying make-up artistry and the effect certain techniques/products had on photography. Her first clients were friends and family, relic polaroid “Before & Afters” date back to the New Kids on the Block era. Post high school, during her collegiate career she worked as a make-up and hair stylist for Glamour Shots Inc. before segueing to Toni & Guy Hairdressing, where she earned her stripes as partnership location make-up artist. Her passion for people, cosmetic art and the magic that resulted from painting took held first priority, causing her to miss many trips to the beach, pledging Greek or studying abroad due to her not wanting to let her pre-booked clients down by taking off. Corporate took notice of her raw talent, great numbers and client base, extending to her the opportunity to be a freelance artist for special events and shows. After proving herself in that capacity, she was promoted to the corporate position of Regional Make-up Artist, overseeing five make-up departments in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Toni & Guy salons, teaching classes, training new artists, coordinating make-up events, participating on the Art Team, presenting looks and working the fashion circuit at International Hair Shows.

Post college graduation, MeLissa took on other supervisory roles in new markets, but was called out of make-up retirement immediately by her clients, who yearned for that signature face MeLissa afforded them. It was during this time in history that television and film changed significantly, with High Definition technology. From the blurry, forgiving transmission that was the reality for society emerged the sharp, unforgiving, micro lens of high definition television. Artists had to make the choice to accept the limitations as well as the demand of the new technology, many going to airbrush methods. Pleased initially with the results of airbrush, MeLissa decided against the platform after noticing the effects did not offer the coverage or longevity for the average Texan when dealing with the elements, post emulsification. MeLissa set out to find the perfect balance between the new HD technology, the on screen quality, the art and what would last after the artist left the scene. What resulted is the excellence MeLissa is known for.

Since then, MeLissa has continued as a mobile artist serving all of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and beyond, specializing in bridal, fashion and other commercial looks. In 2015 MeLissa served as the Fort Worth segment’s make-up artist for Lifetime Television’s reality show Big Women Big Love, she’s designed hundreds of bridal parties, still works the run-way as a lead artist and never misses an opportunity to change lives with her art. In addition to make-up, MeLissa is a talented writer, student of life pursuing a second Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and dedicated mother of three beautiful children.