A seasoned, HD commercial make-up artist based in Burleson, TX, MeLissa maintains fifteen years of experience beautifying Texans for the aisle, runway or television camera. Having developed her own signature system for flawlessness, MeLissa accentuates her subjects’ natural assets while concealing flaws and most importantly, performs art that withstands the wild Texas heat, cold, eating, drinking, tears, sweat and fun. Known for her attention to detail, MeLisa is equally talent and heart, of which she pours into every person she transforms. Each project is met with design in mind. Details such as hair color, iris pigment, skin tone, natural flush in the cheek, personality, style of the event and personal style are taken into account when MeLissa dreams up each designer face. Clients leave her chair a custom-painted work of art, experiencing monumental moments of life looking and feeling their very best. For MeLissa, every application is truly a labor of love and perfectionism. A vetted professional, talented and accessible with a mobility option, MeLissa is North Central Texas’ best kept secret.

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